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"Vibrant and sparkling," describes the inspiring sound of Pamela's piano music. Her approach to the piano makes it more than a musical instrument. As a listener once said, "She's like an angel, literally singing with her fingertips!"

Pamela Marches began her piano studies at the age of seven, under the private instruction of Lori Loftus, a concert pianist at the Performing Arts Center of Orange County. Pamela began teaching piano to children and adults at the age of fourteen. Her teaching style and genuine love for the piano quickly attracted dozens of dedicated students. By the age of sixteen, she became the pianist for the Royal Academy of Ballet and began her career as a professional pianist.


Pamela fulfilled her lifelong dream of learning to play the harp. She welcomed "Lady Di" into her music room and began creating beautiful harp music to share with her family, friends and clients.  

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