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Meet Pamela & Johnny


I was a city girl.  I loved high heels.  I was a professional pianist who wore elegant gowns.  I played grand pianos at exquisite venues for weddings and black-tie events.


Then, I discovered nature photography!

I spent every free moment photographing the pristine coves in Laguna Beach.  I hiked the trails in the hills behind San Clemente, giggling as my shoes got dirty!  Who would have thought?  On the weekends, I would take my sons and their friends on nature expeditions, traveling from Malibu to San Diego.  As I photographed the beautiful ocean that makes California so spectacular, they gleefully ran alongside me.  I shared images from our explorations in emails to family and friends, ultimately creating a greeting card line called, "Scenic Melodies."  I was officially a nature lover!

My nature photographs were winning awards, which only motivated me more!  I became mesmerized with light and shadows, the intricacies of flowers, birds, the sky, sunsets, how the colors of the ocean intensified as sunset neared, and how light shines through the leaves in the trees showing every detail. This was the time when I did not want any people in my pictures because they "ruined" them.  (That is pretty funny considering my life today!  I meet and photograph over three hundred people a month at weddings, events, and photo shoots!)

In 2006, a friend asked me to photograph her family reunion in Laguna Beach.  Photographing people was not my thing, but I did it for her.  How bad could it be, right?  We would be in Laguna, after all.  It was rather fun and quite challenging!  Before I knew it, I was photographing families, children, babies, pets, corporate events, proms and reunions.  In 2009, I photographed my first wedding at a beautiful ranch in Fallbrook.  I fell in love with weddings! I truly love photographing women and bringing out their beauty - it is my forte.  When I am photographing a bride, I am in photography heaven! 

My favorite thing to do (still to this day) is to photograph people in nature.  I want everyone to know how amazing it is!  Do you know there are boys in Southern California who have never climbed a tree?  Well, I get them up in trees!  I photograph people in fields who have never stepped foot in a field before.  That just brings a little smile to my face!  If I am photographing you at the beach, we are all getting wet! That’s my rule!

In 2011, John Rogers came blazing back into my life and has joined me on my photography journey. We make a great team! I am more of a behind-the-scenes candid photographer, as I am rather shy.  Johnny is a natural people person.  He loves grandmas, children and babies – and they love him!  He's a man's man, which makes our guy clients feel at ease.  John is an exceptional photographer with a skilled eye.  He is the photographer who will be up on a rooftop photographing all of your guests!  He will be on top of a ladder getting a birds-eye view of your wedding reception.  He has a great personality and has an abundance of energy!  He will do anything to see that your wedding is as memorable for your guests as it is for you.  Just say, "I LOVE JOHNNY!"

We LOVE photographing weddings!  It is an honor and a privilege to be part of such an important day in our clients' lives. Our hearts are warm knowing that our images will only become more priceless with time.  Give us a call or send us a message!  We would love to be a part of your love story!

Pamela & Johnny


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